Saturday, December 1, 2012

Taobao Wig review (pinshangjiafa)

wow sorry I don't update this anymore. I guess I'll update it here and there when I need to do reviews or something. WHOOOPS

Anyway, a lot of people asked, so I figured I'd do a wig review of this:

from this store:

So this wig on taobao is 25 yuan- or roughly $4. I was really really curious about this, because the store had a two crown rating (which is pretty good) and all of the reviews I read were positive, and girls were posting pictures of their wigs and they didn't look bad at all! I really wanted to see if I hit the wig jackpot on this, so I ordered one. 
I have to say, for 4 dollars, I'm really freaking impressed! 
unfortunately, I'm on vacation right now and I didn't bring my nice camera, so you have to settle with iphone pictures. 
So my first thought when I saw it was that it was not as shiny as I was expecting, which is good! the fibers are really smooth, and it feels pretty nice to the touch. 
It definitely is not as nice as the picture on the taobao store, but I figured that it wouldn't be exactly like it, since it was $4. 
But for the most part, I'm really really impressed with it! 
The wig is not super shiny. It's a tad bit shiny in the bangs, and the ends of the wig definitely don't look very nice. They look kind of like regular damaged ends. But for the most part, I'm really impressed with it, for being $4. Now, if this was a $45 wig, I'd be kind of meh about it. But for $4 you can't go wrong. XD 
here are the bangs, you can kind of tell that they are a bit shiny. 
here are the ends. they are kind of stringy and damaged looking. But it's nothing a little trim wouldn't fix! :) 
quality- 3/5
price- 5/5

Monday, June 27, 2011

outfit snaps, L'oreal eyelash serum review + circle lens review!

Hey guys~! It's been a while since my last post, sorry about that!

anyway, I got my Macaroon Bodyline skirt from Aly (Miss Lumpy) when she went to Japan. It's my FAVE skirt I have. I've been lusting after this skirt since I saw it back in February.

It works well with casual loli~. Can you tell i have a new fave pair of shoes? they work with so much. ;_;

Also, I started an experiment! I bought L'Oreal Eyelash Serum. It's supposed to make your eyelashes longer and give you more! You put it on at night after you take off your makeup, and in the morning before putting on mascara. I've heard reviews of people saying they don't like to put it on under their mascara cause it clumps, but I've seen no problems with mine. I guess it depends on what mascara you use!  It says that you will see results in 3 weeks.

this is the first day of using it, obviously there will be no change. No mascara:

this is after a week, no mascara:

I didn't notice a huge change.

Two weeks, no mascara:
I have to say, just after two weeks, I've really noticed a difference!! It's hard to tell in pictures, but i've DEFINITELY noticed length in my eyelashes. My mom has even noticed them! They are also starting to get a bit thicker. I'm excited to see what will happen after using it for 3-5 weeks! :D

And lastly, I have a review on some circle lenses~!
I just got my I.Fairy Super Crystal Violets in the mail. they arrived all wrapped up in foam.

I got a free uh, hair clip thing? that's what is in the blue package ahah, and a free lens case. :)

Onto the pictures!
bathroom light.

window light

with flash
no flash, bathroom light

I have naturally light blue eyes, so finding circle lenses that don't look toooo crazy is always kinda a challenge. I hope this blog will help girls with light eyes who want circle lenses! I have a couple other lenses that I can put reviews about up.

I bought these from PinkyParadise. I've bought most of my lenses there, and I like them. :)
Comfort: 8/10- I was able to wear these for about 6.5 hours before they started bothering my eyes. I have pretty sensitive eyes though, and some days they like circle lenses and some days they don't. Generally, they were pretty comfortable.
Color: 9/10- the color is soooo pretty! I took a point off though because they were a little more purple than i was expecting. A lot of people noticed my purple eyes right away. I'd definitely buy these in another color though, like green or blue. The purple is still really nice though! It's very fun. :D
Enlargement: 10/10- these guys are a 15mm lens, so they are very big. they are the biggest I have! I love the enlargement though. They make my eyes look really dolly. I think they look best with fake lashes though.

All in all, I'm really happy with these lenses! They are really fun, really pretty! I'll definitely buy these in another color, something a bit more natural. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More of "The Widening Gyre" and some other crafts and things.

This post is going to be super image heavy. I apologize to your browser in advance.
I was going to update sooner, but Blogger was down for a while and by the time it came back up, I didn't feel like blogging anymore ahaha. Of course I choose to blog now, at 2:50 am, and I have work tomorrow morning. I make good choices.

I make probably the best choices ever. Considering last night I decided to START drawing around 3 am. I've always heard that artists work best late at night, and for me, it's totes true. I always get inspired to do things super late at night. curse work in the morning!! *shakes fist*

I have a couple outfit snaps for y'all. I need a better camera.

I got this pretty cute salopette at UO. It was only $15. :D  and then my hair exploded into this mess. oh, hurray!

It's gotten warmer lately, so i've been able to wear my mori-girl dress again!

There are days where I realize how big of a nerd I am. Today it decided to manifest itself into my fashion. It was nerd day and I enjoyed it greatly.

I also did another deco DS case for my brother's friend!

Lastly, (and of course I save the best for last) I have more sketches and such for "The Widening Gyre," Aly and my comic! 

I changed around the guys. all the ones with names (minus REBEL) are in the guy gang. They are just a bunch of old orchestra men ahaha.

Bugs, one of the girls in the girl gang. Guess who she's based off of?

My scanner decided it was going to be a poop and not scan like it's supposed to on this one. This is Princess, a super ott sweet, super psycho sweet lolita who Blue and Hazel meet up with at one point.

One of my favorite guys from the guy gang is Cinderblock. He's a super hot hipster, but is incredibly stupid. Aly and I spent hours coming up with "cinderblock-isms." He always gives the dumbest facts that are not really facts. Such as, "did you know ice cream melts because the sun yells at it?"

He's by far one of my favorite characters, just cause his cinderblock-isms are the most fun to write. Can you think of any? If you guys think of any good ones, I might put them into the comic!

And finally, a colored picture of Hazel.

Are you guys excited for The Widening Gyre? I sure am! I hope you all end up liking it~~~!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

more character sketches and ideas


I got my yellow Bodyline carousel skirt in the mail a couple days ago, and it's so freaking cute! I like sweet lolita, but not on me... but this skirt called out to me! I think I'm slowly becoming a sweet lolita. *sob*
here were my nails~!

I've been doodling a whole bunch of these characters so much lately! I can't get the comic out of my head. While I'm at work, I think about it, while I'm at school, I think about it, and when I'm home, I talk to Aly about it!
It makes me excited though, because I always get comic ideas but I never really have the motivation to actually do them. I love working with Aly because I can bounce ideas off of her and she's also a way better writer than I am ahaha. :D

We make a great team! It feels amazing to actually be super inspired again and draw a lot. I had a terrible terrible artist dry spell for like a good year and a half. I couldn't draw anything!
It just feels so nice to be able to sit down and let my characters flow from my pencil again.

I really really do love character design, and this comic totally pushes me into animation even more so. I just got accepted to SCAD- and they have a great animation program! I'm so excited! (and also nervous~~!)

Anyway, onto the character sketches. I'm not going to reveal a lot about these characters, even though some of them are pretty fleshed out in my head already.

Once we actually get started on the comic, I'll be telling you more about the characters. I just don't want to spoil anything!!

This is the first initial sketch of Shorty (the girl), and she's a gang leader. I've made some alterations to her outfit now. I'm thinking of giving her a BTSSB dress or an AP dress. I just can't decide on the print yet!
She also speaks in a kick-ass old new york accent... kinda like the accents from the 1920's. :D

anatomy is kinda off, but they are just sketches so no1curr.

girl character heads some girls in the gang possibly. Which heads do you like the best? Also, don't mind the guy with the fetus growing off his head. that was just kinda a derp moment LOL.

another girl, and a couple guys for a guy gang. For some reason I made them all looking in one direction. except the guy in the bandana. cause he's a ~rebel.

I also have a gothic lolita in here too. I really like her facial structure ahah. It's fun to draw. She'll look more beat up in the comic. These are all just preliminary sketches of each character.

I also need to illustrate Blue's hawk/falcon... and some other things such as weaponry and vehicles!

Also, In my next update, I'll show you all the deco'd 3ds case I made! It's sweets inspired! complete with ice cream, biscuits and whipped cream. Yum~!